• We have under development our own pgp satellite system. Soon you will take your pgp encryption over the water, mountains or jungle. Very handy for boats or in other remote locations without gsm network.
  • We can configure a security police for your phone as you requested, you can disable or enable wi-fi, voice calls, sms,mms, browser, camera, gps plus many other feachures. Everything is set it up once you register your phone and can’t be modified after, only if we perform a full security wipe and reactivate it.
  •  We have Support available for our customers 24h/7 to assist you on any issue you may have.
  • We can Wipe a device if you requested or if you think a eminent breach might happen soon or if the device is lost or stolen.
  • All encrypted messages last for 1 day by default in our servers and in your blackberry device in encrypted format and can be read only with your PGP password. So for an extra of security encrypted messages older then 1 day are secured wiped and impossible to recover. If you need to hold your conversation more then one day you can request it on activation and we can set up your blackbeery for a custom number of days.‎

Why BlackBerry encryption PGP services

The standard email we generally use is an extremely insecure technique of transmitting information. Wireless communication from a mobile device, like BlackBerry, is much vulnerable without an extra security layer. Messages can be easily intercepted as they are not encrypted automatically before they are sent. They are transmitted as readable text and any third party can go through a mail, which is intercepted without the knowledge of both the recipient and sender. File attachments like photos are also transmitted unencrypted when sent from a Blackberry mobile device.

PGP is the real world equivalent of sending a mail sealed in envelopes so that it will not be possible for any unauthorized person to read the content inside it. BlackBerry PGP encryption does the same thing in the virtual sphere.

Who uses BlackBerry PGP services?

This encryption service finds a wide swathe of subscribers, from security conscious individuals to public as well as private companies, including government bodies. BlackBerry devices are ideal for implementing and supporting a PGP framework. It is a common encryption solution for both businesses and individuals.

How does PGP work?

PGP is a tried and tested encryption technique which is proven to be secured. It permits users to employ a better encryption standard on BlackBerry email accounts. We use the standard PGP platform encryption RSA 4096 bits partnered with AES 256.

In PGP encryption, a public key is used for asymmetric cryptography. Two keys are used for this kind of encrypted information,  one to encipher information, and the other to decipher it. The public key, unlike the secret key, is exchanged between the sender and the recipient. The RSA algorithm performs these functions.