Became a PGP Dealer

Below are some details about our network and operation related to those who wish to become dealers and resell PGP Encryption by utilizing our platform and servers. Please read and if you should have any questions or comments you can email us

Advantages & Selling features

We own our own server infrastructure based in Romania with our own support team on site 7 days a week

Server location is important for many reason, first of all many of those who are supposedly running a PGP server are renting shared server space with limited resources, So you never really know who is in control, Lastly the server locations most are within USA jurisdiction or NATO which means those countries where others are hosting there servers are bound for internal privacy laws etc. Whereas Romania doesn’t even acknowledge the privacy laws nor have any strong ties with USA which is another reason Snowden was allowed entry.

Dealer Support/Technical Support

We have a dedicated team of staff available almost throughout all time zones and all hours of the day/night 7 days a week to help troubleshoot any activation’s, specific requests, remote wipes, transfers etc.

We are also able to provide you with the choice of creating custom email addresses for your clients, many clients like the ability to choose their email address, These requests do take longer typically we would like 24 hours notice to prepare the emails accordingly.

Private and Public Keys Customization

In order for the devices to work and send/receive emails on the PGP Encrypted servers there are two types of keys which need to be present, Private and public keys both of these keys are unique to each device and email address which is used to authenticate and send and received emails. For those dealers who want to offer an enhanced sales options and those who really understand the technology and security, we can set you up with the software and instructions on how to create your own private keys and public keys, the private keys you will program yourself into the device no one will have access to the information other then yourself and then the public keys, then all you have to do is send us the public keys and private keys and we will load them on the server and propagate accordingly for you to the unit will work